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What will you want to remember?

What fills up your heart? What makes you treasure your child, your partner, your parent? What's the best time of day in your home? What are your family traditions? Most importantly, what will you miss when life is different? Let's capture that.

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Lifetime Lens is your DC area
family photographer
& videographer.

I cover daily family life as well as major life events such as weddings and bar mitzvahs. Want a video for a big milestone, such as a wedding anniversary or retirement? I make those too.

Photo clients get a digital gallery of images you can print yourselves, or you can purchase custom high-end albums or display art made in Italy.

Young brother and sister eating cookie dough.
Black and white image of father whispering in his son's ear.

You often get photographers in for a special occasion, but I think what you've done is remind us that every day is a special occasion. —Randy

Any time is a good time
for documentary
photos or video:

Rainy days, holidays,

snowball fights, bingo nights

happy birthdays, lazy Sundays,

bar/bat mitzvahs, fun fiestas

big reunions, first communions,

new traditions, graduations

summer picnics, silly antics,

puppet shows, dress-up clothes

young folks, old folks, gay folks, straight folks,

first times, last times, now's the right time!

Mother watching her son who is laughing

I was a little nervous about being super awkward and goofy and not knowing what to do, but I was very relaxed. And you have a way with the kids as well, which is really nice. —Carly

Lifetime Lens tells true stories
starring the people you love most.

This three minute piece is the first installment of a series of legacy videos about my father's life. I'm developing this service for clients as well! Click here to learn more.

Susannah Stevens portrait with flower.jpg

 Hi, I'm Susannah!

I'm a native of Washington DC, with a master's degree in photojournalism at the Corcoran College of Art. I strive for an authentic and artistic storytelling style, anticipating candid moments to bring humor and emotion to my work. This makes your client experience relaxed and fun!



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