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Legacy Videos

Legacy videos celebrate the lives of seniors and preserve your family history.  Then your kids, and their kids, can know and love the same people and stories you do. 

Below, you can watch the story of my dad, Nye Stevens.  Imagine the story your legacy video would tell.

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“It was a condition of life that we became very independent, but not, I would say, a tragedy.” - Nye Stevens

During the pandemic, my daughter and I have been sharing a home with my parents. I took the opportunity to interview my father about his childhood, and to explore the archival materials he has stashed away. These are the first two installements of this legacy video series. Above, in Part 1, my dad describes his early childhood in Albuquerque, NM and Arlington, VA, and the experience of his mother's mental illness.

Part 2 in the life of my dad, Nye Stevens is above. This picks up where Part 1 left off, and we learn about his misadventures in Spokane, WA. Featuring archival footage and music by Woody Guthrie.


Legacy videos can take many forms, from a straightforward oral history to interviews with many people at a family reunion. More complex projects may feature contemporary B-roll of your family interacting, or archival photos and film.

Do you want to tell your story, or preserve the legacy of a loved one?

If you’re interested in being featured in my next sample video in exchange for a substantial discount, please send me an email with a little information about yourself, and let's chat!

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