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Mini Family Documentaries

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Lifetime Lens makes tightly edited family videos rich with your voices and personalities. These touching and often funny documentaries will allow you to return for decades to come to the heartfelt interactions you have each day with your kids. The ways they move through the world, their particular kid-speak, the expressions on their small faces--so fleeting, but perfectly preserved in HD video.


This is a great way to capture a normal day, but also an ideal way to celebrate your child on a milestone like a birthday, graduation, and bat or bar mitzvah. The possibilities are endless! I'm happy to brainstorm with you. 

How does this work?

Get in touch with Lifetime Lens! After a quick phone call, I like to meet in person when possible so that your kids can get comfortable with me, you can make an informed decision, and we can make a plan for how best to capture your memories. 



We meet at your home or another favorite location for your session. You'll find me to be flexible and genuine, and kids love me! Pretty soon you'll forget all about the video gear. Just live your life.


After a lot of editing, I'll bring your video to you for a movie premier complete with popcorn and your beverage of choice! I promise not to tease you if you cry. You stash the usb safely away and send the online version to family and friends to gush over. 

Video Pricing*

Video rates are inclusive of consult, session time, editing, and delivery. The cost is dependent on the session length rather than the duration of the finished video. We will discuss beforehand whether you want a 2-3 minute fast-paced piece suitable for social media, or a longer and slower one primarily for your personal archive. The video may be interview-based or freeform.

3-4 hour session: $1700

7-8 hour session: $3000

25% is due at booking to reserve your date, with the remainder to be paid before your session. Payment plans are available.

*Legacy video prices TBA.

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