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Portfolio for Independent Schools

I gathered these samples to show how my skillset and perspective could shape school communications. Most of these projects are not directly related to a school setting, but I hope they show my abilities. 

Alumni Communications: St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University president David Armstrong (right) was in DC for an event and connected with alumnus Michael Leach, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Director in the Biden administration. I took these photos for the university magazine. Carlos de Yarza, Vice President for Marketing & Communications at St. Thomas, wrote in a Google review: "In 2022, it is rare to find the level of responsiveness, service, and talent possessed by Susannah at Lifetime Lens. [...] Susannah spoke to me confidently, and put me at ease about the photoshoot. The next day, she met the talent, and handled the session expertly and beautifully. The resulting images were glorious, and one of them will be featured on a two-page spread of an upcoming university publication."

News Profile: Photojournalism Student

Dean Pagani

His next act

"I think I have plenty of photos to work with, so now it's about editing," Dean tells the class. Some of the rest of us are still trying to figure out exactly what our stories are about, more than a month before the due date. The week before, Dean gave us a taste of his project, behind-the-scenes and sometimes snarky shots revealing the mundane reality of the supposedly grand press area in the US Capitol. Staffers slouch with their smartphones just out of range of the video cameras as their representatives give strident interviews. Bored news people camp out, surrounded by gear, waiting for a story that is long in coming. A young congressman giving an interview looks buttoned-up for the camera, but is wearing gym shorts and sneakers below the frame.

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Wonder, Joy and Curiosity: Documentary Photos of Childhood

A collection of photos capturing the magic of childhood.

Magazine Profile Photos: Paula Stern & Paul London

This art-loving couple was featured in the neighborhood magazine Stroll Cleveland Park. Here Paula is making a clay model for her next bronze sculpture. We also see Paula as a young woman, and the pair admiring Paul's lithograph collection. Finally, the couple posed next to Paula's bust of Bill Clinton, which is now on view at the Clinton Presidential Library. 

Social Media Post: Pandemic Reflections (March 2021)

Patience wins.jpg

When do you feel like the pandemic began?

For me, it was Friday, March 13th, which happened to be Stella's sixth birthday. I arrived at her school at pickup time with a bunch of helium balloons and a tote bag full of cleaning supplies from a last minute shopping trip. I acquiesced when she asked for birthday fro-yo, but panicked when she touched the door handle on the way out of the shop, and sprayed her down with kitchen cleaner because I hadn't found any hand sanitizer. The subway ride home was tense as I tried to contain the balloons while keeping my brand new six year old from touching anything.

That was the last time we stepped foot in her school or the subway system. Now I have a seven year old, and we're still in the midst of a pandemic.

Reflecting on all this, I was reminded of the meeting Stella called last May in order to decide on a family motto. We brainstormed various ideas, but the ones that made the cut for the final vote were both hers: "Forward Together" (snappy, right? But it sounded like a campaign slogan), and "Patience Wins." If you look closely at this photo you can see that motto #2 carried the day. Now, as I watch with a mixture of relief and envy as my newly vaccinated parents begin to mingle again with their friends, I need more than ever to hold onto that motto. Maybe we all do.

Celebration of Childhood: Birthday Video

Take a peek into Billie's life as a newly-minted seven year old, balancing her American identity and her French heritage.

Video Testimonial: Promotion for Lifetime Lens

This is a promo for my own business. The reflective tone paired with upbeat energy seems fitting. 

Photo Story: Math Lesson