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Lifetime Lens Gift Certificates

A true story featuring the people you love most. 

No forced smiles required! Just your real life, beautifully captured in photo or video.

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Documentary photo session and album

gift certificate: 

Lifetime Lens delivers rich, touchable albums and art that will be passed down as heirlooms. Here Carly and Randy's family are seeing their new album for the first time. Sound on to hear the kids' hilarious commentary.

Mini documentary video gift certificate: 

I also make family films, rich with your voices and personalities. Sound on!  

Susannah brings so much passion and genuine excitement to every shoot, and the results are just awesome. The beauty of her photographs helps us see just how special every moment is with our growing girl -- elevating even what at the time might seem like mundane moments into something we'll always want to hold on to. She's incredibly talented, professional, and fun! We can't recommend Susannah and Lifetime Lens enough.  – Caroline

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Interested in purchasing a gift certificate? Find out more and buy here: 
Or, check out the website to see my portfolio and learn about Lifetime Lens: 

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And of course, you are more than welcome to contact me to discuss all the possibilities!
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