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Covid-Era Family Photojournalism

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

At the beginning of the pandemic, my daughter and I moved into my childhood home to bubble with my parents. Despite pangs for pre-pandemic life, it's a pretty great setup: I get free childcare, my parents enjoy the whimsy and snuggles of a six year old, and my daughter revels in the attention of two extra adults who love her to pieces. Here are some of my favorite documentary photos of our new lifestyle.

In the spring, there was very little formal school going on, so my parents stepped in to teach some other life skills.

My dad attempted to teach Stella to play chess. That didn't last long!

Meanwhile, my mom took over Stella's music instruction.

Frankly, that didn't last long either. But at least I got it on camera!

My dad insisted that the teacher's geography lesson on the ipad was totally inadequate.

Here I think they must be talking about the South Pole:

Stella is taking notes so diligently.

I love the way she spells "Yerup!"

Here my mom is shepherding Stella through her math lesson. One benefit of the home classroom is the lack of a dress code!

See how attentively Stella looks at my mom. It's because my mom was hamming it up pretending to be Stella's very sweet and cheerful young teacher.

One day, Stella roped my dad into an art project inspired by a book about the formation of the universe.

I was amazed by his enthusiasm. I've never seen him draw before in my life!

Look at the "concentration tongue."

...And Stella's appraisal of my dad's work.

More recently, my mom gave Stella a sewing lesson.

This was a special moment for me, because I have fond memories of my mom's patient instruction when I was a child.

One of the best things about family is watching the love between our favorite people. That's been one of the silver linings of the pandemic for me.

The pandemic is on the wane now, thankfully, but there will always be moments worth saving. Have your traditions or relationships evolved during this last year in ways that you'd like to remember? Do you have family reunions planned with loved ones you've been missing? Has this long, strange year given you insight into what matters most?

I like to use family photography and videography to highlight the best parts of a client's real life, the stories and candid moments that show their family's true selves. If I can help you with that, drop me a line!

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