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Together Again

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Like so many families, last year we weren't able to have a big happy Thanksgiving. This year, with all but the littlest vaccinated, every seat at the table was filled. The only person missing was my daughter, who was with her dad.

Every time I see my niece I'm amazed at how she's grown and how fast she is changing. Our dog Sammy is in love with her; the sentiment is not exactly mutual, but she's getting used to him.

Waiting for dinner to begin, my niece decorated the place cards.

Meanwhile, my sister, an architecture enthusiast who has not outgrown her love of toys, roped several guests into her Magnatiles projects.

She requested a portrait with my brother-in-law. I think this is my favorite couples portrait ever!

And this one takes the prize for most artistic shot of that day.

Finally dinner was ready. My sister's place card next to mine reminded me of the way we were often referred to as a pair as children: "Caroline & Susannah."

See how my dad admires my aunt, his sister in law.

This one reminds me of a Renaissance painting. Is that too self aggrandizing to say?

I didn't get a big range of shots at the table, because I was wedged into in my seat, fortunately across from my lovely niece.

Here's one of my uncle, though.

And my sister's wine glass, so wholesomely decorated!

Here my mom is giving a lesson in silverware usage.

Somehow during the cleanup, the subject of my dad's many decades old can of spam-like stuff came up and someone retrieved it from the basement.

Why did he buy it? Probably because it was a bargain. This is a guy who stocks up on haircuts when he's on vacation in places with a lower cost of living. He comes home looking like a Marine. Why did he keep the spam all these years? Because he can't bear to throw anything away, "just in case." In case of the apocalypse? That's the only circumstance in which I can imagine eating fifty year old Spam.

And there you have it, a Stevens Thanksgiving. It's so important to have good photos of these real moments with family. Do you have and holiday traditions coming up that you'd like memories of?

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